The new ELA-S series of electrical linear actuators is created on the basis of long-term experience of Siberia-mechatronics company in the sphere of developing and manufacturing of the operating electric actuators.
The ELA-S series represents the updated line of space-saving electric actuators with electromotor axis parallel to the axis of the power transmission slip of the ''screw-nut'' type.
The model line of the ELA-S series consists of several sizes. The unified basic construction is the core of each type. Free packaging arrangement of the basic construction with optional equipment rod stroke limit unit, rod positioning control device, hand drive, various rod tips, holding units, etc., gives an opportunity to complete the ready product and make it meet the customers' needs.
Some new design solutions were applied during the development of ELA-S series mechanisms. It will guarantee the high level of maintainability due to the unification of the main junctions and details, absence of nonseparable joints. The attachment points of the ELA-S are standard (6431), similar to the attachment joints of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, and also to the foreign-made operating mechanisms. The mechanisms are supplied with series-produced asynchronous three-phase motors with a short-circuited rotor, with an option of frequency regulation of the rotating speed.



During the voltage supply the motor spindle starts to drive the screw of the sliding screw-nut gear through the gear box with toothed belt transmission. In this case the nut of the screw-nut gear moves progressively together with the rod, it is fixed with.
Changing the direction of rotation of the electric motor modifies the rod stroke pulling-out or pulling-in.



Rod stroke limit unit
The device is designed to limit the maximal and minimal positions of the rod and to adjust the rod stroke.
The apparatus of the limit unit includes a switch box of non-contact type, and special inserts on the rod, ensuring the actuation of switches.
Rod positioning control device
Positioning control device serves to monitor, display and control position of the ELA rod. The ELA rod stroke turns into the proportional output current signal in the range of 0 ... 5 mA, 4 ... 20 mA, 0 ... 20 mA.
The positioning control device is a contactless inductive displacement transducer, which can shift and change the transmission factor of the output signal. Change of the positioning control device signal provides a slot of variable depth on the rod, filled with non-magnetic material.
Rod anti-turn device
To ensure the linear stroke of the rod, it is necessary to save the nut of screw-nut gear (which is placed in the rod) from rotation by fixing its position. The rod anti-turn device is used in cases when the operating body of the load is not secured from rotation (cable connection, hinge on the load side).
This device consists of a longitudinal slot on the rod and a key bolt attached to a protective pipe.
The rod anti-turn device is required when using the rod stroke limit unit or the rod positioning control device!
Rod ends, center hinge, back joint
The units are made according to standard sizes for pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders (ISO6431), and according to operating mechanisms of foreign manufacure.
The center trunnion can be installed horizontally, vertically, or angle wise. You can change the standard position of the trunnion along the protective pipe within prescribed limits. *
Rod ends and back mounts can be installed horizontally or vertically*.
* Special features and options for installation of standard mounts are specified when ordering
Protective bellows
Protective bellows are used as additional protection against harsh environments (dust, humidity, etc.)
Handle of the manual drive
Junction of the manual drive is designed to move the rod with the turned off motor for performing the adjustment and alignment works, as well as for emergency situations.
The junction is made in the form of a standard hex-shaped 17 mm head, which allows you to use a universal tool or special handle, delivered optionally. The hole in the gear box cover can be closed by a quick-grip rubber stopper.